You have arrived in the area where Special Agent Z was last seen. We have reason to believe that we can solve his disappearance by investigating Historical Auditory Traces (HATs) found in the area.

Your personal communications device has been outfitted with the latest HATFinder, but you’ll need to be discreet when using it. Plug in your headphones, put away your device, and listen up. Follow the Traces, but stay within signalling range. If you hear static, you’ve gone too far.

And remember: this is a matter of national security. Don’t screw up.

Coming soon to Android.

Designed for the UCLA campus. Works everywhere.
By Lauren Burr, David Jensenius, & Mark Prier using HATengine.

Thanks to: Jeff Breil (Icons), Adam Cilevitz (Voice work), Jason Lajoie (Voice work), Doyle Prier (Getaway car driver), Lori Prier (Voice work), Todd Prier (Getaway car support), Jesse Scott (Android programming), Elise Vist (Voice work)